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Whether you're a babysitter at the start of your career looking for casual babysitting or a qualified and experienced nanny looking for a long term family to work with, Qualified Carers can introduce you to families and businesses in your local area looking for the services you provide.

It's free for you to join our site and you can do so easily, and in just a few simple steps, to create your professional profile so that Employers looking to find a babysitter or who need a nanny, can view your profile and contact you directly via private message or SMS to your mobile phone.

Many families say 'when we need a nanny we like to be able to learn a bit about them before contacting them for an interview'. So when creating your online profile as a babysitter or nanny, be sure to include all of your relevant skills and qualifications as well as any other information about yourself that may be relevant to an employer hiring you for the babysitter job or nannying job they are trying to fill.

There are many qualities that a family or business look for when advertising a babysitting or nannying job and we've outlined a few of these things below to support you in maintaining a high standard of work ethic so that you can easily generate positive reviews here on our site and gain repeat work from regular customers.


  • Punctual and Reliable: It's imperative that you always arrive on time to every job. Many times families have appointments or schedules to keep and they want to find a babysitter or nanny who they can rely upon to be on time all the time.
  • Ability to communicate: Communication between yourself and the parents is vital in any babysit job in providing the parents peace of mind and reassurance that their children are in the best possible care. Always inform the parents of anything concerning that may happen while they are in your care, even if it's negative. You'll find the parents appreciate your openness and honesty and will be grateful that they know they can rely upon you to keep them informed of what's going on while they're away.
  • Dedication to the Children: Many times a babysitter job will allow you more freedom than other types of employment so it's important to remember you are being paid for your time and that time belongs to the children you are caring for. This means not being on your mobile phone or attending to other personal matters, but spending your time interacting with the children and providing them with an active learning environment with plenty of stimulation and positive play.
  • Honesty and Trustworthiness: With any babysit job you're entering into a family's home and life and their privacy is of the utmost importance. Always maintain a high level of respect for them and their home so they are able to feel comfortable and at ease when using your services.



So if you haven't already, now's the time to register for free with Qualified Carers and gain access to a great range of nannying jobs and babysitting jobs in your local area today!