Creating the Perfect Resume

Creating the Perfect Resume

A good resume can be what wins you the perfect job. Always have your resume updated and ready to send with an appropriate cover letter personalised to each employer you apply for a position with. There are several things to consider when creating a resume.

Less is More

This is true of any resume, including that of a carer. Do not clutter your resume with useless information and photos. The prospective employer will be most interested in your most recent  work experience and the relevant qualifications. For those Jobseekers with lots of experience who frequently take on short term jobs, there is no need to outline every position. Choose the last, most relevant, four or five jobs and place them in a chronological order. If there are gaps in your history, be sure to indicate the reason, for instance studying or being on vacation. Updating your resume regularly also ensures that you review your qualifications. It will assist you in keeping your qualifications up to date and relevant such as your first aid certificate, police checks and working with children checks. Be sure to include a telephone number that you are able to answer immediately. A mobile number is ideal. Just in case you miss a call, make sure you have set up your voice mail and left an appropriate response on it. Employers don't have time to waste and missing a call could mean missing the job.

 Keep Your Resume Relevant

If you are a Jobseeker with experience handling different situations, such as toddlers, elderly people, invalids and people with disabilities, try to understand from the advert what kind of care the employer wishes from you. Look at the requirements section and use that information when creating a resume. Try to fit in the experiences that tally with what the employer is looking for so that your resume is completely relevant for each job you are applying for.

Spell-check and Formatting

Appearance matters so ensure you use a single font throughout the entire resume. Also try to use a single font size and limit your use of bold and italics and use a black font colour. A neat resume is a reflection on you. As a Jobseeker your employer is looking to you to keep things organised and running smoothly in their absence. A resume that is confusing and all over the place, gives the impression that you might be a disorganized person. As your resume is likely to be short, be sure to read through it several times and make sure there are no misspellings or hard to understand information. Use spell check but still re-read the document yourself. Sometimes this tool does not take into account the context of the words. When creating a resume keep in mind that you do not know much about the employer and a simple misspelling may be enough for them to set your resume aside in favour of others.


When creating a resume be sure to talk to your referees briefly to remind them who you are and confirm that they are still agreeable to your listing them on your CV as a contact. This helps them to recall who you are, and the work you did for them. This way, should they be called for a reference check, they will be able to give a more certain and positive recommendation. It also ensures that the contact details you are passing on to a prospective employer are still valid.