House sitting

Being a Successful House Sitter

House sitting jobs are becoming very popular nowadays. Most people who travel away from home for long periods of time do not feel comfortable leaving their homes unattended and choose to hire a house sitter to tend to their houses while they are away. This situation can be ideal for both the home owner and the house sitter who normally exchanges their services to live rent free while taking care of the home and property. House Sitter Jobs can include regular cleaning, tending to gardens and even caring for pets if there are any.

If you are hired by someone to take care of their home, you need to ensure that you know what is expected of you while the home owners are away, to enable you to give the best possible housesitter service. This can lead to you gaining excellent references for future house sitting jobs you wish to apply for, and can eventually lead to paid house sitting rather than just an exchange of service for accommodation.

Taking care of the home like it is your own is the best thing to do when employed for house sitter jobs. The privacy of the home owner is very important and you should always check with them before doing anything that may be out of the ordinary, for example having guests over and entertaining.

A house owner might decide to come back to his home earlier than scheduled. The recommendation letter that he writes for you will depend on what state he finds his home in. As a housesitter you need to ensure that the home is in perfect condition at all times so that if the home owner shows up a few days or weeks earlier than scheduled, he will be impressed and not only will you gain great house sitting references, but you'll also gain their positive word of mouth and the opportunity to offer them your services again.

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