Pet Sitting

Love Animals - A Pet Sitting Job May Be For You!

Qualified Carers offers a broad range of care for people but we also know that most people's pets are just as an important part of their family, so we've also included pet sitting as part of the Care provided through our services.

Whether you're a qualified pet trainer, experienced vet or just love animals, we can connect you with families who are looking for reliable pet sitters in your local area.

These days many pet owners find pet sitting a great alternative to having their pet boarded and the demand for reliable pet sitters is increasing. There are many advantages to the owner when choosing to advertise pet sitting jobs over taking their pet to boarding including:


  • The stress levels are greatly reduced since the pets are taken care of in their own home environment.
  • Since the pets do not require to be transported anywhere, there is no travel trauma.
  • The pets are not exposed to parasites and illnesses of other animals.
  • The vaccinations required are less than those that are necessary in a kennel.
  • Pets do not have to go through the stress of adapting to a new environment.



If you're looking for a pet sitters job then it's also a good idea to broaden your range of services so that you stand out from the rest who are applying for the same pet sitting jobs as yourself. Some of the extra services you could offer when applying for a pet sitters job could be:


  • Watering indoor and outdoor plants and gardens
  • Bringing in newspapers and magazines
  • Bringing in packages and mail
  • Taking out and bringing in bins on bin night
  • Adjusting curtains and screens of the rooms during the day and night



Simply by going that step further you are giving a better service and more peace of mind to the pet owners while they are away.

So join Qualified Carers today for free and create your profile so that families in your local area can contact you for all of the Pet Sitting needs.