Tips for Jobseekers

Once you are hired it's important to follow some simple guidelines that will keep both you and your employer happy and allow you to make the most out of your new position.


As you start work in a new position, it is unlikely that you will have learnt all there is to know about carrying out your job in just the initial meetings with the employer. There is always an adjustment period during which you will still need to seek clarification on certain things. Employers will expect this and are normally very willing to respond and help you fit into your role as fast as possible. If in doubt, just ask your employer for guidance or information.

If you make a mistake, be sure to mention it to the employer. For instance, if you stepped out for a minute and the door locked behind you leaving the child alone in the house. Such errors are a part of learning and you simply need to reassure the employer that it will not happen again. Be sure to update the employer on any progress made while carrying out your duties. This can be made easier by keeping a daily list. If for example you are caring for children and the child has succeeded in stopping to suck their thumb, let the parent know. Keep them updated on what is happening in the life of the person/s you are caring for. Any changes in behaviour should also be noted and relayed to your employer.


Being a carer means you will spend your majority if not all of your workday in the home or business place of your employer. You will probably have easy access to all areas of the office and home. Do not abuse that privilege. Do not snoop or eavesdrop.

Carers who are in live in situations should make an arrangement when inviting guests. If it is a requirement that you give notice before a visitor arrives, then do so. Remember that the employer is allowing you to bring in people he/she has not vetted so be mindful of this and treat the home with respect.


Be very responsible when handling the child, invalid or elderly person in your care. Do not be neglectful of your duties and perform them as you agreed to do so when hired. There are also certain actions that should be automatic even if they were not discussed with the employer. For instance if you take the person out to the park, ensure they are covered in sunscreen. Act in the same responsible manner you would have if they were your loved ones.

Keep Time

Most employers hire in home carers because they must be at work and need an extra pair of hands to handle things in the home. Do not inconvenience your employer by coming in late or leaving too early. If there is a good reason for your absence, be sure to call ahead and warn them.

When it comes to searching for potential employment, your online profile is most important. In any field of work, visibility is the key to securing employment. The more employers that get to see your profile, the better your chances of securing employment. As you create your profile on Qualified Carers, it is important that you keep checking on it so as to remain high up in the search rankings. The higher up you are, the more prospective employers will notice you when they search for carers in your area. Be sure to also put up an engaging video. This is a chance for you to communicate directly with employers in a visual format so be sure to let them know just how excellent an addition you will make to their business or household.